We do more than Just Read other Peoples Research

It takes constant research to stay on top of the current trends in the markets especially when major focus shifts happen between various segmentations we view the market from.  Whether it is asset classes, sectors, industries, commodities or the macro shifts, it is important to know how each is playing in the current environment.

The research you find on this page will come in many forms such as PDFs, links, blogs and research papers some of which may be password protected and reserved for current clients.  These are examples of what goes into building the strategies and portfolios we bring to our clients.

Prior research by Tommy and Joe can be reviewed on their respective websites below.

Joe’s professional research website has years of research and data with constant and consistent generation of new ideas as market environments change.  While OptionsHawk is a subscription service, there are a lot of historical posts as well as up to date research available to anyone who wants to review deeper through how Joe works.  A couple of older posts on Joe’s research process have been republished here for easy review:

Methods to My Madness – Trading Options Flow

Categorizing the Types of Options Flow Analysis and the Research Process

Tommy also runs a research blog at where he shares both data based research including his proprietary relative strength calculations as well as extensive RSI work.  This site is data intensive, but from time to time Tommy will also write about more general technical topics.

While putting our primary focus into improving the management and performance of our clients portfolios, we also use our over two decades of financial planning experience to help guide many of them through the complex planning aspects of their life journeys.  Both our portfolios and our planning are focused on our client’s agenda.

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As a Fiduciary we are not only required to take our clients best interest above all other, we pride ourselves on it!

We are here to serve our clients in the most informed, prompt, timely fashion we can. We strive to earn your business and accolades every single day.