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The Relativity Capital Blog is where we express our thoughts on anything that has to do with money.  Ok, fine, we might go outside that once in a while, but for the most part you can expect to find out best ideas from a broad range of financial topics.  If we think we can add value by adding it in here, we will give you Our Take. There will be many that are technical in nature discussing the markets and what we are seeing in them and how that compares to the going narrative.  Others will cover more financial and life planning issues like Estate strategies, wealth distribution and ways to secure your journey for greater piece of mind.  We will also introducing videos that we believe can help us better engage and explain many of the topics in the personal manner you have become accustomed.

A conversation with our clients on the Topics we feel are worth a little more attention

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Fire When Ready

Fire When Ready Mismatched Narrative I went into this weeks analysis knowing the markets have been improving under the hood at a minimum since the

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Sector Drill Down

Sector Drill Down After looking at the broad picture last week, I wanted to take the next step and drill down to the sector world

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