Our Strategies

Focused Efforts for Maximum Client Benefit

Our core focus is on investment strategies and the process that drives them. Our solid investment strategy is where we have the biggest impact for our clients.

We have spent decades honing our skills to build and manage better, stronger portfolios. An investor’s strategy sets the base for financial planning. When you plan with Relativity, your strategy is built on a solid that makes it easier for us to guide you through any financial decision that comes your way.

You are the only person who knows your situation well enough to make the ultimate life decisions. At Relativity, we try to provide you with the data necessary to have confidence and objectivity to make the best decision for you. We manage assets to help guide life decisions.

The simplest path to improve portfolio performance versus the markets is to make sure you are invested in things that are outperforming the markets.

Our Process

Building Stronger Portfolios

Our Power Investing process is central to our values and takes a top-down, data-driven approach to find the relative strengths and weaknesses in the markets. One of the best parts of the process is that it works well in any environment we find ourselves in.

Today’s investment markets bombard investors with so many variables pushing and pulling for both attention and capital. While it is easier and cheaper to invest in the markets, it is more difficult than ever to figure out where to invest your assets. It is so overwhelming that many individuals and advisors have stopped trying.

We developed a game-changing process that allows us to sidestep the market and media narratives and drill down into the markets to find out what is really going on. 

The better we invest your portfolio, the easier decisions become as we help guide you on your financial journey.

Why power investing?

The Power Investing process was created out of necessity. After navigating most of the 1990s and the tech wreck of 2000, I learned that the markets often don’t follow the institutional rhetoric passed down through the advisors or financial media. Buy and hold strategies often had an agenda, and it didn’t align with our clients’ goals of growing and protecting their nest egg. 

I wanted to do more than console my clients through bear markets and felt there was a better way to add real value to my clients’ lives. I have spent the better part of the last two decades building an investment process, including the best relative strength components, to manage our clients’ assets through all market environments. 

We just couldn’t settle for leaving our clients at the whims of the market in an ever-changing world, and that decision is paying off.

Consistency Counts

Many investors are accustomed to portfolio reviews at a predetermined date or time frame, but at Relativity, we take a more hands-on approach. We stay on top of the market’s macro changes and internal rotations to guide us in our portfolio strategies.

Adjusting portfolios based on a date in time has never made sense to us. We prefer to let the markets tell us when it is time to make changes. Whether there is a new opportunity afoot, time to stay put for a slow period, or time to reap the harvest while a position is ripe, consistently knowing where all the market segments and sectors currently stand is an advantage for long-term growth.

Changes in the market’s relative strength and weakness help give a deeper and more reliable view under the hood, often varying substantially from the current narrative. 

Our insight drives the tactical adjustments we make throughout the year based on risk versus reward analysis in current conditions.

Discretionary INputs

We bring decades of financial and market experience to your portfolio every day – not at some regularly scheduled check-in. We have devoted tens of thousands of hours to learning how the markets work and many of the variables that affect them over time. While no one can ever account for every variable, we know that history rhymes more than it repeats. That is why we provide the discretionary input in portfolios – to be ready and thoughtful when it is clear history could be taking a detour.

We’re not here to make outlandish promises about returns. Instead, we offer a consistently applied, powerful, yet simplistic data-driven process – combined with over 26 years of market experience – to grow and protect your wealth.

Strengthen You Portfolio with Power Investing

Power Investing is a proprietary investment process we developed over the last two decades to help understand the market and investment choices. Our data-driven approach is based on finding relative strength. Power Investing provides an unmatched understanding of where the markets currently are through investor participation and relative performance

Using these tools allows us to compare an investment’s market position and relative performance across asset classes, sectors, and even security types. The only way to be strong and avoid weakness is to know exactly where weaknesses are at any given moment.

Dialing Risk to suit your Parameters

Once you are focused on relative strength, dialing in risk to suit specific portfolio objectives becomes a lot easier.

your Total wealth Strategy

Consistently parsing through millions of data points every month has taught us that the industry norm of different portfolios for each client is not only impractical but also unwise. This strategy by advisors does not keep anyone invested in the best opportunities when the market provides them. It also does not allow a manageable situation for the advisor to stay on top of all of the holdings in each.  

At Relativity, our process cuts through the noise and dives deep into the data, achieving greater success in building out portfolios with the best components available for the current market environment. From there, we can dial up or down the portfolio components tailored to your personal risk tolerance.

Risk tolerance is a key consideration for each investor, but it shouldn’t be seen as a one size fits all experience. We work with you to assess your risk tolerance based on your situation, goals, and obligations. We gauge your range for risk and which portions of the portfolios should be on the higher end of that range and which should remain more on the conservative end of your range. This positioning provides confidence in your portfolio portion and peace of mind for your life plan.

Giving Your Wealth The Attention It Deserves

At Relativity Capital, we operate differently from industry narratives lessening the importance of sound investment management. Instead, we put the focus on growing and protecting the wealth you and your family have built. Keep your focus on your retirement, family and purposeful life endeavors, and we’ll take care of your investments.

what do you need?

Next Level Portfolios

At Relativity, we created Power Investing to design, implement, and manage better portfolios. Our investment solutions provide the opportunity to cover most, if not all, of the liquid market exposure you need. Through a superior portfolio process, we offer a level of confidence that your wealth is getting the consistent attention it deserves. 

Tactical Allocation Portfolios

Our Flagship Core and Explore portfolios that provide all the advantages of a diversified portfolio in the core positions while utilizing the strength of the Power Investing process to drive outperformance through investing in the strongest market themes in each environment while dialing risk to your specific situation.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity