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Thank you for visiting Relativity Capital Advisors and taking the time to review our services.  We appreciate your time, so this short video will explain how we are different than other advisors.

Earning Your Business Everyday

Investments that Work for You

Investments are the heart of the client-advisor relationship at Relativity Capital. We’re industry mavericks that refuse to conform to ineffective strategies that don’t work for your portfolio.

Looking for an advisor who will actively work to grow and protect your wealth while guiding you through life’s challenging financial decisions? 

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Building on a Firm Foundation

We start with a comprehensive top down investment process designed to help build stronger, more consistent portfolios. We believe focusing on the portfolios and making sure they are doing their part provides a stable base to build the rest of the financial plan upon.

Your Expert Guide

Your financial life is a journey, and we can be your expert guide to help you reach your goals. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we automate the data tracking process which allows us to have the most up-to-date, pertinent information at our fingertips when important decisions arise. This specialized method allows us to spend our time and energy helping you make crucial decisions when you need it. 

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Relativity Difference

At Relativity Capital, we manage your portfolios and guide your financial journey according to your goals and agenda – not our fees and revenue.

We are focused on actively growing and protecting your wealth to fulfill your financial goals. In an industry full of cookie-cutter strategies and “set-it-and-forget-it” advisors, our approach is different. We manage your portfolio so your wealth works for you. Let us focus on growing your wealth.

We’ll manage your money, while providing expert guidance through life’s many important financial decisions. When these situations arise, we ensure that you have all of the critical information & data necessary to make the best decisions for you. 

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Our Process

Our investment process is key to the unparalleled value we offer clients. Using our data-driven research, we locate the strengths and weaknesses in the market and make nimble decisions based on that data and your goals. This game-changing Power Investing process was built specifically for our clients and allows us to sidestep the industry norms and drill down the most effective investments for each portfolio.

Simply put, our process allows us to make wiser decisions with investments and help guide you to your financial goals based on the market environment and not antiquated practices.

In today’s investment environment, there are many different variables pushing and pulling for both attention and capital. These variables make it hard to decipher where to invest and have created a massive challenge for most investment firms. As we saw this problem happening over the last 20 years, we grew tired of the ambiguity and lackluster results. We took matters into our own hands and developed our proprietary analytics system that has proven effective for building stronger portfolios.

Put Your Portfolio in a Position of Strength

Our Planning

Relativity Capital Advisors are committed to being your guide for all of your major financial decisions. We start by getting to know each client, your obligations and goals, and we work with you to get your financial information organized so we can have the most up-to-date information at our fingertips at all times.

Current data and 27 years of experience provide our clients with the best options possible to position you to make better financial decisions. Financial decisions are relative to each client, which is why we choose to guide and not manage our clients.

Want to learn more about what planning with Relativity could look like for you?

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Tactical Allocation Portfolios

Building Stronger Portfolios through Power Investing

Our top down process measures market strength on various levels giving us the most comprehensive view of market structure designed to help produce stronger and more consistent portfolios through any market environments. The Power-Investing focus allows the portfolios to get their extra edge through also taking advantage of the top market themes down to a granular level without individual stock risk.

Power Investing puts your portfolio in a position of strength