Our Planning

We Guide,
You Decide

At Relativity Capital Advisors, we are committed to being your expert guide through all of your major financial decisions and goals. We understand that high net worth families often face similar challenges, but your goals are unique to you, your situation, personality, and ideals. We design solutions with YOUR goals in mind. Our four decades of industry success and data-drive approach give us an edge that has helped clients through countless key decisions. 

Our expert guidance combines all the current data and years of experience to provide the best options possible for our clients. Simply put, our guidance puts you in a position to make a better decision. Better decisions lead to a better future

Help take the stress out of financial decisions by letting Relativity Capital grow and protect your portfolio while providing timely guidance for each decision

getting to Know you

Learning your Vision and Automating the data

We start by getting to know YOU – your vision, goals, and obligations. As your wealth grows, you will have to juggle more accounts, institutions, and financial responsibilities. That’s why we work with you to get your financial information organized, we can have the most up to date information at our fingertip at all times.

It’s hard to predict when your next big financial decision will come up, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be prepared for it. Being organized and prepared gives you an advantage when major or minor financial decisions do arise. We’ll be ready to analyze the situation quickly and help offer options and potential solutions to reduce pressure for you.

We know that many financial decisions are similar across our client’s lives, but we also recognize those decisions are relative to each client. We choose to guide you, not manage you and your decision process. 

Let us be your Guide to a better future

It’s impossible to predict your next big financial decision, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be prepared for it.

communication is key

personal service

Financial Mapping with an Expert Guide for better Outcomes

Better Information Leads to Better Decisions

We understand that when planning for each client the variable in play will always be different. Our expertise helping build sound solutions and action plans from each client’s situation to take the stress off the decision making process by building confidence in their preparation.  This is why we have so much success guiding them to better decisions.

Getting To Know Eachother

As with all relationships, we begin by learning more about you and your life vision and where you are in your journey. You have acquired a level of wealth that has ushered in a whole new set of financial decisions you are responsible for and that wealth also needs more attention than your lifestyle allows. We learn your story so we can find where the biggest stresses are and strive to relieve those putting our clients in a better place to make the final decisions

Integrating your Data and Our Systems

We use today's advanced technology to solve the long problem with a solid financial plan, Good Data! We integrate your information into our systems allowing both our clients and our professionals to have the most up to date information at their fingertips.

What we Measures we Can Improve

Periodically reviewing our clients situations, including opportunities and detours each year brings helps us stay on top of the roadmap and adjustments we can make to help our clients continue their journey with peace of mind that comes with confidence.

we are here for you

As a Fiduciary we are not only required to take our clients best interest above all other, we pride ourselves on it!

We are here to serve our clients in the most informed, prompt, timely fashion we can. We strive to earn your business and accolades every single day.