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Best Opportunities
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The H.E.A.T. Portfolio is comprised of the annual best investment ideas from the OptionsHawk Market Outlook that is a diversified portfolio of approximately 75 holdings with an expected one year time horizon for the investment. The core portfolio is a long-only strategy invested in the top ideas with a combination of growth & value while all holdings have many common attributes such as quality management, history of strong execution, best of breed in its industry, a defensible moat, and an attractive large and growing market opportunity. The strategy strives to have a turnover rate of less than 100% with its annual rebalancing which is also executed in the most tax efficient manner.  Securities will only prematurely be removed from the portfolio in a mid-year checkup if there has been a notable change to a company’s operations creating a less favorable risk/reward ratio, and we have a number of high quality holdings “on-deck” to step in.

Lower Turnover, best of Breed Stock portfolio designed to outperform the Index without excess activity

Portfolio Options

The Core

This core portfolio was designed for those who want to be invested in the best opportunities we can find each year without trying to time the market actively through ups and downs. The holdings are hand selected from the annually published OptionsHawk Market Outlook, an exhaustive study of the markets potential and top themes based on Joe’s most extensive market analysis.  This portfolio provides a strong level of diversification among size and style types pretty much checking all the boxes in the equity markets while focusing on the best opportunities in each box.  It strives to outperform the markets through superior security selection instead of attempting to out maneuver them. We believe this is an excellent core equity portfolio option for all types of equity investors.

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The Hedge

Using our best research and ideas for the year to build the core positions of this portfolio, we believe adds a level of risk reduction; but any equity based portfolio is vulnerable to larger market movement and major trend changes.  We understand this is a good chance in any given year and offer an extra protection for the unexpected detours we can add a situational hedging component for up to 3% of the portfolio.  This proprietary situational hedging strategy we apply across our Hawk Portfolios is designed to only to be used in those instances the markets give a signal downside risks are elevating.  These hedges utilized put options on major index ETFs when our signal is triggered.  This allows us to hedge out market risk at times we have found historically the most difficult for equities to outperform.

How can our Portfolios Help You?

We understand how to structure portfolios for your relative situation. We have multiple portfolios allowing us to fully structure a portfolio fit to your specific situation and relative to your goals that provides you with piece of mind knowing someone is alway on duty.