Sector Drill Down

Sector Drill Down After looking at the broad picture last week, I wanted to take the next step and drill down to the sector world and see where the participation is really flowing at this point; so I will go through the weekly sector breakdown we perform at RCA.  The markets did just finish a very strong week to start June, therefore, keep in mind that entries might not be… Read More »Sector Drill Down

Reflections from Projections

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Reflections from Projections The fascinating, but not necessarily unusual part is watching the projections from the lows and complete disbelief you hear all the way to where we are today.  Every little pullback was or will be the next move to retest the lows as the wall of worry continues to have the loudest voice.  As we move higher, even those bears are starting to do some buying, but the… Read More »Reflections from Projections